Versailles Garage sales

This group was created for adults in or around the Versailles area to post garage/yard sale dates and times, and items that they are wanting to sell. Other counties welcome but post where the item is located.

Rules for using this site are as follows:

1. NO JOB POSTS, at home sales (Avon, 31, Mary Kay etc - representing companies by home sales/order), advertising or anything that would not be sold/bought at a yard sale with the exclusion of cars. If you make and sell crafts, candles, etc and are not representing a company or trying to recruit, then you may post your items.

2. FIVE (5) posts per day.

3. You may BUMP your items to the top of the page ONCE EVERY DAY, if you continuously bump an item that is not selling, your post will be deleted.

4. IMPORTANT All sold items MUST be DELETED by the poster immediately after being sold. (Instructions at the bottom) BUYERS, make sure to get all the info you need i.e. Sellers address, times etc. before it is deleted.

5. The admins will do their best to delete all spam posts, but if you run across an item that you feel is spam please tag an admin in the post and we will delete the item and the user. HOWEVER, IF YOU TAG A POST, INBOX ME SO I KNOW WHAT THE COMPLAINT IS.

6. Please note that all sales are between the buyer and the seller and the admins have no control over the sales.

7. Sellers are asked to sell on a first come first serve basis. Obviously this will be dealt with on a case by case basis and anyone who continuously breaks this rule will be deleted by the admins, no questions asked.


1) You cannot use your facebook icon. You HAVE to get on facebook by GOGGLE or SAFARI.
2) To see your private messages, click messages then top left "other" that's it!!
3) To DELETE, go to right where under the cover page of site it will say....members, events, photos, files, notifications, create group, * and search symbol ( some call it magnifying glass) any way click that symbol. Type your name in, exactly how it is on facebook and all your post will show up.
4) You can bump or DELETE. When you fix one, use your browser to go back (back arrow), and chose another one.
And that's it!! Hope it helps u all!!!