Victorian Trout & Redfin Fishing .

Hello this a site for fishing folk to post pic,s an see who,s doing what . I hope it kicks off an we all learn along the way .

Fishing how do we learn , where do we learn , who do we learn off ?
Well i have never stopped working on this . My father grew up in Castlemaine so i was taught how not to step on a stick that made niose or not to cast a shadow onto the water . He did not have a passion for salt water other then a feed of flatties an whitting . I asked what size hook one day on the bay . I was told your the one thats fishing . Right from that day on i made it my job to learn . i caught 6 to dads 1 every time we went . i rode miles after school an week ends to find fish . Jumped fences an ran from security gaurds every wk end . So i think i worked it out . Learn off all good or bad , watch take note of others , dont bull shit folk an you wont be given bull shit ya self . It,s some thing you,ll never stop learning . So many different ways an places an people to see along the way . So all i say is live an learn . An by chance ya get to chat to some of them old boys out there listen , cause that imfo wont be there for eva . so enjoy an learn along the way . Baldy !!