St. Louis Missouri. History, Landmarks & Vintage photos

WELCOME...... All members please read:
A catch-all preservation group for anything related to the History of Saint Louis, Missouri, it's landmarks & People.
We welcome all stories of memorable moments & events.
Vintage photos & film are also welcome here.
We love input from the viewers, specially the memories of the past they can add to the photos. Sometimes folks may not be sure & resist posting but sometimes that is the spark needed to ignite the flame of someone else's memories then they start to remember so much more as the pieces come together. :-)
Please everyone, share your thoughts. Every little bit helps fill the void.
For those who do not know you can click on the photo for a better view as sometime the print is small & hard to read. Also to view just photos just click on the photo tab below the header photo at the top of the page. Sometimes the photo that is shared does not have all the information (Location, Year, ect) but is related to St Louis & you are welcome to add additional information or comments to help clarify what is shown. Please read all previous comments so you do not ask the same question as you might find your answer is already there. I hope this helps you to get more enjoyment from this page.
Thanks for your participation