Virtual Auditioning

As a dancer in my youth, I understand the struggles talent faces and as a manager of bands in the late 90's I also know how difficult it is to audition talent.

As talent we all look for exposure and in today's day and age we turn to social networking sites to try and get that exposure. Just about everyone turns to Facebook to get exposure, even me. But really let's be truthful with each other Facebook makes it extremely difficult to really use this platform for our benefit. I will give you a couple examples, I have about 2,500 friends in my personal page, so to create an event, and invite all my friends I have to select each one, one by one, which takes forever and I can't even invite everyone. I am limited to the amount of people I can invite. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Why does it have to be so hard to invite all of my friends if I choose to? Next I post something on my wall that I want everyone in my network to see, yet not everyone gets to see it, because by the time most people log on that post might be 30 pages down on their wall. So if you have a casting agent in your network and they post an audition the chances of you seeing that casting call is slim to none.

The reason I bring up these points is because I see groups on Facebook and LinkedIn of thousand and tens of thousands of talents looking for exposure and opportunities. You also see hundreds and hundreds of agencies looking for talent, posting auditions, casting calls and creating events for casting calls. It's seems to me that there are a lot of opportunities falling through the cracks.

The Talent Shopping network is a platform built exclusively for the entertainment industry professional to network between agent and talent, talent and talent, or agent and agent, etc. It has a fully integrated audition management platform that agencies will be able to use to share auditions that everyone in their network will get and see no matter if you have 30,000 members in your network. You as a talent will not miss an audition or as agency you will get talent in your network to submit to your audition.

The best part is that you can audition Virtually Live from anywhere because this system allows the agency to schedule live auditions that talent confirms and can audition right from their computer via video conferencing.

Listen, these are just some of the features, as a talent you can create a professional portfolio and comp card. Yes, no more spending money updating your comp cards, with your portfolio you can change it any time you would like.

I was a talent! I created this platform so talent could have the best possible chance for success and that was by building a platform that was beneficial for the entertainment industry professional that could they could use and give talent to most opportunities in one place.

For more info view my .doc under files above.