Virginia Hunters & Fishermen

This group was created by hunters for hunters (all kinds) to share camaraderie, hunting pictures, fishing pictures, hunting stories, fishing stories, techniques, etc, minus the usual anti-dog, anti-still hunter, anti-Sunday hunting or anti-any hunting rhetoric.

We encourage positive exchanges of ideas and curtest conversations/discussions that promote every type of legal hunting & fishing. When you post, please consider how what you post will be interpreted by other member. Be respectful of positions and ideas. Don’t be thin skinned. Argumentative discussions will not be allowed. Remember young members and people new to the sport see what is posted and it reflects on us all.

Most of the members here have come here to escape the drama found elsewhere on the internet and are looking for positive interactions with other members who share the same passion for hunting. Let’s keep it that way!

The administrators of this group cannot monitor the group 24/7/365, so we request the help of all members to help us police what is posted here. This group belongs to us all and therefore, it is the responsibility of all members to help keep the content positive. Please notify the administrators of any post that you don’t think belong here and if we feel that it does not meet the standards of this group we will ask the member/members to stop posting and remove the post. Failure to do so or continuing with similar post will result in expulsion from the group.

Below is a list of things encouraged, discouraged and not allowed on the group.

• No anti-dog, anti-still hunting, anti-Sunday hunting or any anti-hunting rhetoric/bickering. These topics almost always lead to arguments and hard feelings. Please approach these topics gingerly with common sense and only when necessary to complete a general post.
• We encourage positive post and conversations/discussions.
• We encourage the post of hunting news, hunting & fishing pictures, fishing news, events, hunt club, fishing club or hunting/fishing related sportsman club events, field trails or anything similar.
• We do not allow the posting of guns or ammunition for sale post. We are all pro 2nd. Amendment. But there are already numerous groups that provide this service. We don’t want to be clogged down by these types of post.
• For Sale items of any type will not be allowed. Post for services provided or new items on the market may be allowed on a case by case basis. Please contact an Administrator before posting to get permission.
• This list may change from time to time as conditions warrant. All members should check back and review this pinned post often. We encourage your ideas.
• Administrator’s names and contact information can be found under the MEMBER’S link, Select Administrators. You can message us with any concerns.

Thank you, welcome aboard, good hunting, have fun and remember to share those pictures and stories with us!