Welcome! This is a support/training group for those in (or interested in) Wake Up Now.

We will be posting various tips, ideas, links, and articles to help you with WUN, whether it be for attracting new customers/IBOs or how to build yourself as a brand and even general company questions about products, services, updates, and such.

All posts require approval by an admin, so there is really no need to tell you what is not permitted, because if it isn't, it won't be allowed through. But, a few things that are not permitted are self promotion, advertising your links/groups/pages/videos, advertising other businesses, using this group as your team's group (this group is for all teams, not just one), hijacking posts through comments, hate speech/negativity/flaming towards an individual/WUN, and so on.

For those interested in joining this group, please be advised that if you are not using a real name on FB, you will not be allowed in until you are. Whether it is your real name or not, we can't be sure, but if you have WUN or WakeUpNow in your name or if your name is something like Todd AllAboutTheMoney Jones, you aren't getting in. These names are not only against FB TOS, but also WUN TOS.

For those interested in joining the actual company, WakeUpNow, please message admin, Jennifer Landers
( https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.e.landers ),
to get started.