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Dear all WLBC group members ! This is a business group and business site. you can do only one post daily, not more please. If I see and read any post from one person in the same day, I will delete the post and the group member too ! You can post in here, only clear and fair business possibility. If I see in here any fake person or fraud I will delete him or her asap, and we can find him or her with interpool asap . This is a business site a business group! We want to see only a real deals in here not more, we do not need fake offers from fake persons. We do not need sexual and porn post in here!!! 1 person only 1 post can do in here daily, not more please!!! We, only a REAL and CLEAR Deals want to see in here !!!! I wish a successful business life for all! and please LIKE and SHARE our sites: www.wlbcgroups.webs.com www.wlbcvipclub.webs.com www.wlbcfoundation.webs.com Best Regards Francis Chrén WLBC club owner !!!