Start Waking Up Now (WUN) Guys and Gals

What's Start Waking Up Now Guys & Gals or SWUNG? Our WUN 10K PowerTeam! HOT off the press. I'm part of a big team of network marketers doing many businesses such as Empower Network & Xplocial. An accountant by trade, WakeUpNow makes sense, Power of 3, read on!

Left WUN for now, sorry. My blog:

What's this group about? A downline builder ONLY for WakeUpNow (WUN), NO SPAM. This group started 8-8-13, as WUN takes Internet by Storm. About earning a good income, also deals, savings, rebates, coupons, sales & discounts, travel, Ofc Depot, Verizon, etc.

4 levels: $0 Customer Only, $32.95 Silver, $54.95 Gold, $99.95 Platinum. Included in monthly fee is $10 to be an Independent Business Owner-IBO. Our team goal is for you to join as Platinum, get 3 under u, then help them get 3. Our cover photo shows how quickly income builds! Disclaimer: No guarantee of income. We'll help you, but you have to work too!

Along with members & admins, committed to helping each other. Your referral link will be "pinned" at top of our group until u get 1 new Platinum, then it rotates to the next person. Once we all have at least 1, then it will rotate back to the 1st person (me) again. Let's all get in & get 3 each under us ASAP. Do the math. Who's willing to invest $100 for a minimum return of $600? (that's $500 profit & it grows fast from there as you can see).

How's this work? When you're 100% committed & ready to go, not just a Facebook group member (where u can check "about" & "files" tabs for info), but ready to join WakeUpNow, contact Steve Hauser via [email protected] or in a private FB message or on our group wall at, share your name, email addy, & cell #. Anytime's great to join but keep in mind that your timing isn't better as we're putting 3 people on Level 1, 3 under each of them, so 9 on Level 2, 27 on Level 3, 81 on Level 4, 243 on Level 5, 729 on Level 6, etc. At this point we'll have over 1,000 total people on our T.E.A.M. Now take a look at the pic again please. Personally I'm more than willing to help my awesome sponsor Bill get to a higher level than me, as along the way I'll get to a minimum of $600 in residuals. Am ecstatic to help him get to the $14K level as that means I'll surely be at $8K level myself by then. We'll assist you too!

Who's our leaders? Where else do we PIN your post until you get a signup? We'll track everything. What else do u get as members? WUN offers vacation discounts, exclusive deals or sales & even Money Mgmt. One big example is that Verizon users can save 22% off cell phone bills. Plus, thousands of stores, millions of products, get cash rebates, free shipping, special coupons & more just by using the HUB when you shop online.

P.S. Testimonial, but of course my upline mentor, co-leader & friend will say to "sign up under Steve LOL!"