National Walk 4 William 12/09/2015 10.30am

Welcome to the National Walk 4 William Group page.

This page has been created for everyone to post updates on their planned walk and how many people within your location are participating.
It's also a place where you can organise and encourage people to join your group.

Feel free to upload photos off before & after the walk. (All post will be screened)

We would love to see photos of those that plan on dressing up as Spider-Man / Spider-woman.

It would also be awesome to see people dress in blue & red with lots of photos uploaded.

Although the disappearance of William is heartbreaking to us all and we hope prior to the event William comes home, let's ensure we send the perpetrator/s & any other perpetrators of abuse a clear message .... It's not acceptable, we WILL ensure our children are safe at all times and we won't live in fear....

Enjoy your walk and know that you & every other individual are making a difference for little WILLIAM.

Your safety is important so is the safety of your children and everyone else around you so please ensure safety is your priority on the day.

Some Safety tips
Please ensure you walk in groups
Always ensure children are supervised at all times (unfortunately predators are everywhere)

Please read and share with your children & group the Pedestrian Safety information on the following link prior to this walk;
Please note the following is just a tip for your safety, there is other information available to you. If your unsure please contact your local Roads and Maritimes Services (RMS) or Road Traffic Authority (RTA) in your state.

Have a planned route and ensure everyone in your group including children are aware of this Route

For the safety of everyone choose a location that is open

Although I personally think heels are awesome we suggest you wear comfortable closed in shoes

The organisers of this group, page or walk 4,William are Simply a few people who like you, want to bring awareness to Williams disappearance. They are in no way responsible for anyone's safety on the day except like you, their children, themselves and of cause to ensure they don't put anyone in the group they walk in at risk.

If you have any safety tips, your feedback would be awesome & go towards making this day an absolute success, so please post on this page.

Note: it's important to remember that this not a fundraiser or is it an event all this a #walk4williamtyrrell, unless authorised no money must be exchanged in relation to the National Walk 4 William Day. No merchandise will or is to be sold. If you suspect anyone of accepting, profiting or requesting donations of any kind or selling merchandise please contact your local authority.

Thank you all for your participation, support and helping to bring William home.