Yamhill County Best Market Place

Yamhill County Best Market Place
Come enjoy buying, selling and even trading

All photos that are not in an album will be deleted after 30 days that have no activity on them by other people (within the 30 days).
Please put in an album so that it won't get deleted. There's just been too many items that haven't been getting deleted after being sold, it's easier than instead of asking every person if it's sold or not.

Delete all photos of items that have been SOLD.

Are notifications driving you CrAzY? Try the simple solution explained by Angie Miller Holt thank you... :-)
at the top of this page, there is a drop down menu that says "notifications" , click on it...choose off. ALSO, on that same menu, choose "settings" and the options are all posts, friends, or off ...choose off. That should turn all notifications on this site off for you, and you will only see the number of posts listed on the left side of your screen next to the group name. Try this...it should work. :)