Walkies! Bedford's Puppy & Dog Social Club *Free*

Hi Everyone, welcome to Walkies!
Walkies! is an informal group to discover when and where like-minded owners like to walk their dogs in and around Bedfordshire, so that we can meet up and socialise within a Walkies! Pack...
This group will develop over time as it grows but here are some initial ideas & guidelines:
*Introduce yourselves and your dogs on the group.
*List your regular walking time and place.
*Discover other owners who take their dogs to the same place and are willing to socialise in a Walkies! Pack.
*Take your dog somewhere new, knowing that a Walkies! Pack will be there.
*Get to know people in your area and further afield, with potential car shares.

*Owners do not need to commit to any/every meeting.
*Please be honest here about your dogs social experience and behaviour.
*Owners are fully responsible for their own dogs.
* It is the owners decision whether to keep their dogs on lead or off lead.
*Don't forget your poop bags, toys and treats!

Examples: Marion Greer has suggested Saturday mornings at Priory Marina - anyone that can make this time and place can meet with Marion and others, in a social Walkies! Pack.
Rachael Cox lives in Wixams and would like a Walkies! Pack locally as she doesn't drive.