Warm Bed Doxie Rescue & Respite Care

Our top priority is the saving of Dachshunds in danger and dachshund mix breeds. Share photos and stories of the wonderful babies that you offered a warm bed and they offered you unconditional love regardless if it was for a few days or a few years.

Please feel free to post babies that need rescue that you think we might be able to help. I will delete posts as the babies are rescued. If they are not in Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana shelters we have no way to help them at this point, so please tag them with rescues in your area.

Please do not bog down threads with how horrible the people are who put the babies in the shelter. We do not know the situation and even if we do we need to use the space to network and help the pet, not trash talk the previous owner. They don't care what we think and it uses valuable time and energy.