Warmblood Horses for Sale

Welcome to Warmbloods Horses for Sale!
The group will be moderated for appropriate Warmblood Horse content.
Rules & Guidelines for posting:
All Horses posted must currently be in North America. No Foreign horses. No Draft Crosses(unless draft/European Warmblood), QH's or TBs are allowed, sorry. Friesians, PRE/Andalusians and Lusitanos are not considered Warmbloods for the purposes of this group. American and Canadian Warmbloods must specify sire/damsire and breeding must coincide with group rules; ie a draft/QH with AWS papers is still not eligible for posting.

1. You must provide Age, Breed/ Registry, Gender,Skill Level, Temperament.
Please provide location and your contact information outside of Facebook as well.
1a. Non Registered horse must be discolosed as such. Please provide as much pedigree information as possible; at least sire and damsire are recommended.
2. In Utero Foals may be advertised, please provide registry options if not registered yet but eligible.
3. Stallion Services, Frozen Semen and Fresh semen breeding contracts may be posted.
4. No multiple postings, if you want to post your ad again, make sure to delete the old ad first so the page stays clog free.
5a. NO ads for anything other than a horse for sale.
5b. Please do NOT simply post a link to an ad on an external site without including the required information in the body of your post. These ads will be removed.
6. You may "bump" your ad once every 72 hrs (3 DAYS). Excessive "bumping" can result in ad or member removal.
7. Please REMOVE your SOLD Horses ad and photos, rather than commenting that it's sold.
8. SELLERS, please describe your items accurately.
9. Please use this board at your own risk. Moderator is not responsible for dishonest sellers. Use your good judgment and "Google" the sellers name or read through the Feedback page in the FILES section.
The administrator reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts or those that are rude or overtly critical.

Mods reserve the right to delete posts if we request additional information (as outlined above) that was not included in the original post, and the poster does not edit the post to comply.

If you are looking for something specific, check out the magnifying glass at the top right corner of our board. You can search the board with that.

Thank you