Wattpad and Ebook LOVERS

Please do support this group. Para sa mga Wattpad and Ebook love...rs/addict, if you want to join, everybody's welcome here. ^__^

1.UPLOADING SOFTCOPIES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless you do have a permission from the owner/author to do so.
2. Be friendly.
3. You can post anything you want especially if it is related to wattpad.
4. No spamming nor blocking.
5. Do not post bad, dirty, naughty, immoral posts.
6. Don't be snob.
7. Avoid seenzones and likezones.
8. You must participate in every activities we have or we've prepared.
9. Be active if possible.
10. Refrain from fighting.
11. Respect the officers/admins as well as they'll respect you in return.

P.S- Follow the rules for the group to be peaceful and problem free.

P.P.S- We're not just a group, we're family.

All of us are equal here.
Feel free ^_^