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1) No Soft-copies
-We do not allow members posting OTHER people's soft-copies. But you are allowed to post your own soft-copies after consulting the admins and giving valid proof that it is your story.
Soft-copies not authorize by the admins shall be deleted.

2) No Advertisements
- This is a wattpad group therefore advertisement unrelated to wattpad such as business ads, real estate promos, and the likes are strictly forbidden

3) No Sexual Abvusive post
- learn to respect people. Other members can report posts related to this rule.

4) New Schedule of Posting
Saturday-Sunday (freewill days)
you are allowed to post anything (games, families, etc) with accordance to rule number 1-3

weekdays (activity and get together days)
these will be the days wherein members are encourage to participate to any activities rendered by the admins.

Sa lahat ng araw pwede kayong magpost ng kahit ano basta related sa wattpad (((:

YOU CAN PLUG EVERYDAY pero wag sanang flood plug.

Sincerely, Admins.