We (Fucking) Love Atheism

Welcome! The W(F)LA Closed Group is for Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and all Freethinkers that support the Atheist community.

We welcome all atheists and like minded people to this closed group, however, theists will be redirected to our main pages - We Fucking Love Atheism or We Love Atheism where open debate of religion is acceptable.

This is a closed group where you can feel free to chat about atheism and other topics in a non public place free from religious scrutiny.


Any member that violates a rule is subject to membership review

•Breaching the privacy of group members by reproducing group discussions to ANY outside group, page or website, by any means (copy&paste, screen-cap, etc), is strictly forbidden. Members caught doing so will be banned

•Graphic violence on both humans & animals, disturbing images, and nudity or other sexually provocative images are not permitted and will be deleted. Please limit selfies to the official selfie thread. Selfie posts outside the official post will be deleted

•Sexist, racist and homophobic comments or jokes are not allowed and will be removed on a case-by-case basis

•This is a Drama Free Group of Adult Atheists. Please refrain from creating drama within this group, to the best of your abilities. Drama will be dealt with on a case by case basis

•Trolling and multiple accounts by the same person are prohibited within the group, and people found to be trolling or with multiple accounts will be dealt with on a case by case basis

•Soliciting, sales, petitions, promotion, polls, and recruitment advertising of any kind is not allowed and will be deleted

•When posting screen-capped conversations, names of private individuals (other than your own) MUST be disguised or such posts will be deleted

•If you have any issues regarding the group rules, or have any issues regarding fellow members, OR admin, PLEASE PM OR TAG AN ADMIN. Posts complaining about/calling out other group members are NOT permitted. Such posts will be deleted

•Blocking of admin prevents the admin team from performing their duties and may result in thread deletion or further consequences. If you experience a problem with a specific admin please contact another admin. Members found blocking admins will be subject to membership review

•Vigorous debate is acceptable, but personal attacks will not be tolerated

•You may not use the WFLA name in any way, shape or form


♦ The content of this group varies & has the potential to be of a mature and adult nature. People under 18 need the permission of parents to enter. The owner, admins & members can not be held responsible for the actions of minors or the content posted here

►Any breach of the above rules should be reported to a member of the Admin Team ASAP

W(F)LA Closed Group Admins-