Perfected In Christ, Not The Law

*MAIN PURPOSE* A place where people can dialogue about the *Rest* we have in Christ after we are saved...there is no need to go

back under the bondage of the law, which only brought condemnation and frustration to the soul who sought to be perfected and sanctified by observances that are but shadows that were...We are only PERFECTED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS
WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS! May each member find comfort in this truth! 2/23/14

OTHER heresy posts concerning variety of topics will be permitted at the rate of two (2) per WEEK so that we can keep the groups MAIN purpose, yet allow important discussion, these will be at the discretion of the Admins...the rules for those discussion will be:

"FALSE TEACHERS/TEACHINGS--IDENTIFYING THEM confronts false teachings & engages with those who promote them. We believe encountering these teachings & exercising ones faith interactively will NOT lead a person INTO false teachings but will deepen & strengthen their faith, forcing a person to search the scriptures for the truth." (y)
( Brenda Johnson)

Rules of this group:

1. No name calling. ( Idiot, stupid, pagan, unlearned, ignorant, heathen etc..NO CUSSING ) If you can't show love you will be removed from the group. 1 Cor. 13 defines the love expected in this group.

2. The ENTIRE bible is the Word of God. If you do not hold this belief then please leave now.

3. If you do not hold to the belief that Jesus was born of a Virgin you will be removed from the group.

4. Remember we are all family in Christ. Let's show the love of Christ at all times. If you feel yourself getting heated and feel the need to insult, please walk away and cool off before continuing in the conversation. IF you cannot do that then BLOCK THEM as this action is mutual and only 1 needs to do so, this is a very good solution that will not affect other posters in the forum, otherwise you can now go to our Resolution Room or may be directed there... if you cannot do that? Then BOTH parties might need some time off..and or a thread deleted at the Admins discretion.

5. No links to anti christian websites please. ( HRM IS Anti Christian )

6. The only names allowed for Messiah are Jesus and/or Yeshua.

7. No plagiarism. If you copy/paste or quote a part of someones work please make note of the original author.

8. see the File - Group Advertising GuidleLines

9. NO threads AGAINST OSAS ( it can be debated in comments)---OSAS-BAPTISM-TONGUES-HOT TOPICS-OR THE MERE MENTION OF THEM IN THE OP -any that cause division are now limited to 25 comments per thread, 50 for Grace and only 1x per week.

10.200 comments allowed in threads..+ 50 for grace - 250 limit

11. NO calling someone "not saved" because they do not use KJV - NO POSTS against other translations.

12. No blocking admins - immediate ban

Group Owner and Admin..- Karen Hamilton Darland
Co-Manager - Jim Pavlic
Group Admins.. Larry Bradford, James Alexander Pavlic, Gideon Ben Avraham, Super Sir Paul