Pokemon, Anime, Games, and WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT

It's your responsibility to read these rules and to follow them, if you have any questions just ask. Violation or repeated violation of the rules below may result in deletion from the group.

*You have every right to appeal a ban, but the more hostile you become, the less likely you are to be acknowledged.*

1. No spamming.
2. No advertising without permission from an admin. (Pages, groups, products, videos, streams).
3. Absolutely no images or videos containing porn. Gore or other shocking content is not allowed.
4. Do not intentionally cause problems, be it in comments or a post.
5. Don't use this group for recruitment of 'raids' on other groups or pages.
6. Try to keep the talk of other groups to a minimum. (Seriously.)
7. Don't whine about other members. If you don't like someone, just simply block them.
8. Watch the insults and compliments; keep the thirst to a minimum. (Sexual harassment is not tolerated.)
9. If a post is deleted, or a member is removed from the group; do not make a post about it. PM an admin and we will gladly help sort it out.
10. Always show kindness and respect to your fellow members and admins.
11. No spoilers, however this is subjective... If there is any impact it's begins as a warning. Any time beyond that and it is a ban. (Unless it is intentional, then this constitutes an immediate ban.) If you want to discuss a show and it's plot in depth... Do it in a private chat. Not on the group feed.

Rules are open to interpretation and subject to change at any time.

These are the admins. Please don't be afraid to send them a PM or tag them if you have a problem or question.

Billal Siddique

Andre ZangetsuWielder Clarke

Jonathan Turk Cochren

Justin Greenwalt

Issa Nasir

Liza Winters