What is going on in Riverside County?

This Group is a member generated News Group for Riverside and Riverside County.
1. News going on in Riverside County.
2.Accidents and updates that affect the majority and are blocking traffic or traffic hazards
3. Events going on with a set date, time and location.
4. News shares about Riverside County
5. Good news going on in Riverside County
6. Legitimate warnings of suspicious activity in Riverside County neighborhoods that have been reported to the local Law Enforcement Agency...
7. Human Interest Stories, Good News Stories,
8. Stolen Vehicles "Please provide picture, location, time, license plate and as much info as possible" Police report must have been filed too, we are not the Repo man's eyes lol
9. Legitimate News...
10. Events and Happenings such as car shows, plays, musicals, park events, fun for the kids and family, free events. You can also add them to the (Events) tab at the top of the group, same thing for finding events too.
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1. I heard/saw a police car, helicopter, ambulance or fire truck, "What's going on?", Some refer to this as being nosy and misusing the Group's designed purpose.
2. Speculation
3. Racist, Foul Language, Derogatory Remarks, Belittling other Members
Drama,Bickering and fighting back and forth that has absolutely nothing to do with the post at hand.
4. Politics and Religion
5. Questions that can be Found on Google, Yelp! or Zillow, In Search Of..
6. Advertising, Gofundme, Solicitation or Selling stuff, In Search of...
7. Random shares of videos or memes, lets keep it original here and up to date, new and late breaking...
8. Stuff that should be Posted or Shared on your own timeline.
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