The secrets of The Universe, Society, and Spirituality

Rules below.

This group is focused on discussing topics/content related to the: Universe, Society, and Spirituality.

We ask that our members try their best to..

1. Be humble
2. Be respectful
3. Be patient
4. Be Understanding of other perspectives, and ideas expressed here.

Racism, persistent personal attacks
or attacks on the beliefs of others and their content - Including unnecessary escalation will result in a warning. Three warnings, and you will be removed from the group.

Things can get clogged & chaotic pretty quickly. For that reason, please limit (with some exceptions) your daily posts to 3 or 4 max.

If you have a concern, please contact one of our admins via PM.

That's about it :) Overall, things here are pretty laid back. Have fun, and keep things flowing.

Welcome to our group..We look forward to growing and conversing with you.

Our sister group is currently in beta:

Ishmael Hooks
Rosin Orion
Barbara Persyn-Buskirk
Guy Johnston
Shawn Michael