Wiesbaden Welcome Wagon

The Wiesbaden Welcome Wagon is here to help American military and DOD families PCS'ing to Wiesbaden. NON military/DOD/American/German/Etc join requests will be considered on a case by case basis. The information provided here is military/DOD specific, so it won't be that helpful to people who don't fall into those categories.

If we are unable to tell from looking at your profile that you are military or DOD, you will need to message an admin to clarify before your join request will be approved.

If you are new this is a great place for assistance and information. Been here awhile but want to help? Please do. If you joined for help, PCS'd, and are now a pro, please stay and help others.

The only people NOT welcome are spammers, scammers, purveyors of porn, hyper sensitive drama queens, and douche waffles in general. This is a drama free zone and this group is moderated.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to post them here or message an admin. Welcome to Germany...