Winnie, Texas Buy, Sell or Trade!

This is a place for Winnie Texas & surrounding areas to post items you would like to Buy~Sell~Trade or have even Free items to give away.

You can even post about news, yard sales/garage sales, events, trade shows, etc..

Tell us about your business, new or old, we would love to hear about it and support it....

1) No Independent Sales Ads here.
That means, anything that you have to ORDER from a company that gives you a cut of what you've sold OR anything that you have to order and the members would need to wait for it to come in. NOT ALLOWED...
I'm tired of telling this over and over.
I will start just removing those people from the group.
2) Wholesale is allowed as long as you've already bought and received what you are selling.
3) All ads over 30 days old will be deleted as I get to them.
4) No duplicate ads. If you post a new ad delete the old one.
5) Bump ONLY once per 24 hrs.
6) Business's are allowed 1 post at a time. This is not a car lot or a real estate office nor is it a resale shop. Room is limited. Lets be fair for all to have a shot at the top...
7) If your Item has sold DELETE it.

Please be courteous to everyone and only bump your posts occasionally..

Try to use Private messages when you can for making arrangements to Buy~Sell~Trade or to get/give Free items

Let it be known to everyone what you have in mind. The more details you add the better luck you will have.