Wrestling Pages (S4S Only)

Group Rules are a must to follow.. any act against the rules will kick you out. Real all the rules before you start Sharing .

▬▬► Inactive Members Will Be Banned Immediately Without Warning. Regular Presence Of All Members is Compulsory. 8-)

▬▬► Group For S4S Only . No Other Stuff Allowed.

▬▬► All Active Pages Should Be Shared Even If It Is A Small Page. :)

▬▬► 10k+ Pages Are Allowed To Post For S4S ;) (IMP)

▬▬► If you ask free share then you also have to give free share. :D

▬▬► When you do s4s or comment s4s, you must share on the biggest page available. :3

▬▬► 50k+ => You can Take 1 Free Share
Don't ask For 2 Free Shares . You can Take only One free share
Below 50k => Don't ask for free Shares. :v

▬▬► Share Time Is 30 minute. you cannot remove share links before 30 min . if you want more time you should mention on Post ( No Mention = 30 min ) -_-

▬▬►First attend all posts then do ur own post,those who only do their own will not be counted as active members or will be banned (IMP) :/

▬▬► Make sure you share first when someone post for S4S and then they will share you back. (y)

▬▬► Group Admin Decision Is Final Decision, No Arguments Should Be Made After Decision By Admin. Any Argument After Decision Making, Then He / She Will Be Banned. 3:)


▬▬► Do Not Post Your Advertisement or Group Links Or You Will Be Banned From The Group! 8-)

▬▬► Abusing banned + Misbehave Attitude ego out of group+spamming is not allowed + Blocking Admins banned + flirting not allowed Act Like A Family Give Respect Take Respect :o

▬▬► Any Harassment to Any Member By Another Group Member Should Be Reported to Admins :p

▬▬► Add Only TRUSTED Friends And Members To The Group :*

This group is only for S4S. All the other wrestling deals can be done here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WWEDealsP4P

Regards #Team_Wrestling_S4S