unLOC tHe Writerz bLOC

A refuge for True lovers of words, spoken and unspoken. With animated, intense descriptions that allow the reader to become entangled in the atmosphere of your present state of being. Take away the chains and escape with us on a journey through the depths of souls, bodies, and minds. Artist welcome as well. 18 and older only! Follow us on:


Thank you your request to Join unLOC tHe Writerz bLOC group We first ask that you choose to complete one or more of the following challenges

1. Post a pic of yourself or your art with an introduction of yourself.
2. Write a "6 words" poem about yourself or your art.
3. Write a 6x6 poem about yourself or your art.
4. Write a Haiku poem about yourself or your art.

Upon your approval you agree to the terms below.

If you are here to enjoy the view, we ask that you acknowledge the work you enjoy by a Like or Comment, feel free to invite others to join that will Share parts of their Soul with us, and give credit to the creator of a piece you want to Share with your Friends, but please ask permission first. We do not want any plagiarizing issues.