Xbox gamers


The Goal of Xbox Gamers is to have a friendly community, where people can come to have fun and meet other like minded people to play with.

We do have a set of rules that we ask all members ( Including Admin ) to read and follow, so that we can keep this group how it was intended to be and to protect members of the group.

XBG rules:

Please be respectful of other members, be civil and please do not discriminate harass or bully any of the members or the admins.

Please do not ask for Xbox Live Gold (trials) Microsoft Credit, Free Games or Licence Transfers. ( or post links to any ) or ask for free stuff in general

Please do not post anything to do with mods, hacks, cheats, glitches or anything along these lines.

Please do not advertise other groups, sites, pages, clans ect other than gaming related news ( Members who wish to share something should contact McCorminator about the post, once he has checked it out and it fits within our rules and guidelines you will get a simple yes or no and saves getting a warning! )

Please do not ask to be an admin for the group.

Please keep on topic with posts, this is a Gaming group.

Any post to insite a argument regarding playstation will be removed without question remember this XBOX GAMERS!

Please do not post pictures, meme's ect that could be seen as vulgar or offensive.

Please do not post spam or comment with spam

If you ever receive a Private Message from a member of the group, that is harassing you, threatening you ect please take a screenshot and send it to an admin rather than posting it in the group and this will be dealt with.

If you see a post that is offensive or even looks questionable hit the report button the Admins will deal with it

We have a zero tolerance to bullying so do not bully/troll/threaten any member of the group or the Admins

Blocking an Admin results in a instant ban

if you must post pictures of xbox live messages you have received do not have their gamer-tag in the picture if the gamer-tag is displayed in the picture it will be deleted

If you buy any item from another member xbox gamers group or Admin will not be held accountable

Rule breaking will force us to have to remove you from the group permanently.

The admins, and their respective gamertags are:

McCorminator Gaming - McCorminator (Group owner)
Miley McCormick - ElvenBlossom (Group admin)
Jaay Deadpool Napper - Valaric Hollow (Group admin)
Shannon McCormick- Shannon6686- (Group admin)
Gazz Smith - TwiisteD DJ - (Group Admin)
Richard Marlow- Eternal Cynical (Group Admin)
Aaron Brant - Killjoy 2022 (Group Admin)

Moderator - Hikari no tenshi


Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Thank you for being part of our community.

Xbox Gamers owner and founder McCorminator