Xbox One Facebook Group is a community built by dedicated fans t...o the console. This community is for anything to do with the Xbox one family, whether that be the original Xbox one, Xbox one S, Xbox PC gaming or even the upcoming Project Scorpio. Whether you enjoy games or just chatting with fellow Xbox gamers this is the place to be, our friendly Admin team will always give help or advice where needed :)

- Please post and comment in English Only.

- Harassing Behavior to a member or Admin will not be tolerated. (if you have been harassed please let an admin know)

- No posting about modding consoles, hacking xbox live. No posts regarding Gamesharing (posts always turn into people asking others to do it)

- No Buying or selling allowed in the group and No requesting codes. (you are welcome to give away codes that are xbox one related)

- If you post just your gamertag saying add me it won't be approved. please post what games you have or are currently playing.

- Posts linking to other facebook groups only allowed with admin approval. Spamming your group without approval will result in a ban, posts also linking articles and memes from a "facebook page" of your own to warrant traffic or to advertise your page will not be approved

- Posts discussing Alpha's/Beta's under an NDA will not be allowed in the group.

- Youtube, Blog, Websites, Beam and Twitch posts are allowed here as long as they are Xbox One related and live at the time of posting for twitch/beam. while we do allow these types of posts we ask that you are active in our community (meaning you are active within the group in posts other than just your linked content.)

- Links to giveaways or other types of incentives to warrant traffic on other websites or groups will not be approved.

- Blocking Admins will result in a permanent ban from the group.

- We reserve the right to deny approval of posts or remove posts and comments that we feel don't belong in our community for any reason. if your post is denied and you want to know why or you have any questions at all then please contact one of the admins in private message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Admins -

Paul Fisher
Nate Mitchell
Michael Weddington
Johnny Azcona
Cloé Anne Rutter
Dan Burton
David Billiot Jr
Glenn Wagner
Dan D'albano
Jarrett Hoskinson
Wesley Kumo Fluharty Jr.

Anyone seeking group owners please contact Paul Fisher or Dan Burton

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