Xbox One Owners Australia

Xbox One is a friendly and inclusive Facebook community where people come together to share their passion for Xbox One.

We organise multiplayer sessions, talk about Xbox and gaming-related news, and most of all, we're about having fun!

First and foremost we're a community, and we strongly encourage positive discussions regarding not just about Xbox One, but PlayStation, Nintendo and PC games/consoles. We’re all gamers, after all!

So if you’re an Aussie who owns an Xbox One, thinking of buying one, or just want to be a part of a kick-arse online community, don’t hesitate to join!

(We take a zero tolerance approach towards any and all toxic, negative attitudes. If you cause trouble, we will not hesitate to remove you on the spot.)

==Group rules==

1. Members are to conduct themselves in a civil, polite and respectful way towards others at all times.

2. Members are forbidden from using terms that may potentially offend people because of sexual orientation or race. Failure to do so is grounds for instant removal.

3. Members are free to post anything related to Xbox One, Xbox or Microsoft.

4. Members are encouraged to make off-topic gaming related posts, i.e post that are not Xbox related (this means anything about PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, PC and mobile games). We’re all gamers after all!

5. Members are encouraged to make off-topic posts that include, but not limited to, general life discussions, pictures, memes and links.

6. If requested by either an admin, or someone within the group, members are required to delete/remove offensive posts and/or comments.

7. Members are not to advertise or endorse their own website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook group, Twitch account without seeking approval from an admin. All approved posts must include “Admin Approved”. Failure to do so will see the post deleted on sight.

8. In the instance of posting spoilers, members must write ==SPOILER ALERT== or something similar.

9. Members are encouraged to give away free digital codes (i.e beta codes, Xbox Gold trials, etc) unless otherwise directed by an admin.

10. Members are not to, under no circumstance, ask or beg for codes (beta/full games, etc), unless directed by an admin.

11. Members are not to sell any of their personal items, unless permission from an admin is granted. All approved posts must include “Admin Approved”. Failure to do so will see the post deleted on sight.

==By breaking any of these rules you acknowledge your offending post may be deleted, and you removed and banned from the group. All actions carried out by admins are final, and not up for discussion==