Xbox One Philippines

Greetings, Filipino Xbox gamers from all over! Please take the time to read through some of our RULES and REGULATIONS before posting :

1. STRICTLY NO PIRACY DISCUSSION. (Grounds for automatic kick and permanent ban. Take your piracy elsewhere, it's not welcome here.)

2.STRICTLY NO POSTING OF GAME SPOILERS.(Grounds for automatic ban or ONE WARNING after careful review by all the administrators.)

3. No posting of non-gaming related stuff

4. No posting of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) image or vid even if it's related to gaming

5. No posting of images coming from "" and "4Chan" even if it's related to gaming.

6. For Trade/Sell/Buy posts, please use the sub group made specifically for those types of posts. Link:

Posting of your recently achievements (you can post a pic, as proof that you've really achieved it) is most welcome here. It encourages other members to go for it as well.