Xbox United

Welcome to Xbox United!

If you want to enjoy this group and all its glories, please abide by the following rules.

Hate and aggression will not be tolerated in the group. This includes, but is not limited to, personal insults, excessive swearing, generally insulting comments, racism, sexism, derogatory comments and references to disabilities. We are all gamers, please avoid starting or contributing to arguments.

This is an Xbox group for Xbox gamers, consoles and games. Do not post non game related content and avoid controversial topics. Controversial topics include religion, politics, global events, celebrity’s love lives.

Do not request Game Shares or Xbox Live Trial Codes, this group and it’s members are not a charity. If you need an Xbox Live Trial then keep an eye on the Xbox United Trading Post. We allow members to post available trial codes there but please do not ask for them.

The discussion of piracy, JTAG or hacking / modding your console or profile is not tolerated in the group in any form. This will result in an immediate and permanent ban. You are allowed to discuss the customization of consoles and controllers using skins, custom parts etc. The only place where the term ‘hacking’ would be deemed acceptable is where it forms an integral part of a games gameplay, such as Watch Dogs.

No Attention seeking posts

Do not spam the group. We have provided threads to post your own Xbox Related groups and clan requests. Please use them accordingly. These are listed below.

If you are unhappy with someone or something then contact an admin. Do not leave ranting posts on the main page. The best way to contact an admin is by message, preferably including more than one admin in your message.

The majority of group members speak English. Non English posts are subject to removal, unless the admins are able to translate the content and notes it is gaming related.

To avoid an influx of posts we have created specific threads for major titles. Please use them. You will find a list, including links, in the groups pinned post.

All Buying and Selling need to go on the Xbox United Trading Post -

ADMINS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO delete any and all posts that we deem in violation of the MORAL rules of the group. We will also remove multiple posts on the same topic (ie. games with gold, online access, beta test notifications, etc.). We also reserve the right to remove posts that can/will cause flame wars (ex: PS4/XB1, BF/COD, etc...)

All specific threads are located in the files section -

Group Admins:
*Kimberly Dawn - Christopher Stro
*Kenneth Bevan - Cloe Anne Rutter
*Wayne Meir- Carrie Jones
*Matthew E. Brown Sr - Paul Crowley
*Dave Finney - Gradie Elbert
*Luke Phoenix Fletcher - Robin Lyså
*Jennifer Billing - Steph Smith
* Andrew Hodges - Dave Styles