Xenia Eats!

Xenia Eats! is for sharing about our eating experiences at home, in Xenia, or wherever a Xenian is eating. We talk about food and drink, swap recipes, kitchen and food-shopping tips, restaurant reviews, and we support our local Xenia food scene with special events. We are an informal community group in Xenia, OH. We meet online at our Facebook group. Please join us!

Three questions, three answers.

1. Why did you create Xenia Eats!?
2. Who should join this group?
3. What should we talk about?


Q#1. Why did you create Xenia Eats!?

A#1. I like food and drink; I like to make it and consume it; I like to talk and write about it, and I live in Xenia. I hope others in and around Xenia want to talk about these things too.

I think this might be a good way for all of Xenia to get to know each other and strengthen our community. What do we all have in common? We all eat and drink. Talking about a common interest is a good way to make friends.


Q#2. Who should join this group?

A#2. You should join this group if you live in Xenia or the area and want to talk about food and drink with your neighbors. If you live somewhere else you are welcomed to join too. The more the merrier, and this might make you want to move to Xenia.


Q#3. What should we talk about?

A#3. Let's talk about the eating experiences we have inside and outside our homes. Let's talk about what we are cooking today or thinking about cooking soon. Let's ask for advice or a recommendation or share a recipe. Let's talk about food products, cooking tools and techniques, cook books, chefs, food TV, and shopping for food.

You can post a picture too. Ideas: something you just made; something you are about to eat; something you see at the store.



Please practice good-neighbor principles. Xenia is, after all, the city of hospitality. Say things that will help your fellow Xenians have good food experiences and avoid bad food situations. Keep it clean and about food and drink. We're all just sharing opinions here, so let's show respect.

Thanks! Bon appetit!