Yuva Bharath Vikas[YBV] - Karnataka

The future of India and her strength solely rests on the shouldr...es of her youth whose average age today is just 25 years.

Born in Independent India, the youth has not witnessed india's several brushes with breach of security. The Partition in 1947, then, the aggression by Pakisthan in1948, by China in1962 and by Pakisthan again in 1965 & 1971, and the cotinuing skirmishes on our borders are all security violations.

The youth today has great patriotism and a grand vision of India,just as the pre-colonial generation, which led the country to freedom had. The youth today is
ready to work for the nation, to toil for its eminence and to sacrifice for national unity, intigrity and security.

India needs the commitment, integrity and support of the youth to emerge as a major power at the global level. The need of hour is a replica of the unity and integrity or hte generation that lead our country to freedom. We require to create a charter for integrated National Security as also a blue-print to build our nation.

Yuva Bharath Vikas is a Youth forum for integrated National Security is a non-political, non-goverement organization working with a national vision on issues of national security. See More