Young Meditators' Group

Are you curious about meditation? Do you want to learn, practice, or get a general feel for what the hell it is or why people keep talking about it? Do you want to meet people that have done it - people that are trying to live their lives in some sort of fundamentally mindful way?

Here's your opportunity: we're starting a group in Austin for young people centered around the practice of meditation.

Here's what we'll be doing:
-Talk about what our experiences as younger people are like
-Talk about what meditation is and what it means to us in our lives
-We'll talk about the relationship between our lives and meditation
-We'll learn meditation techniques
-We'll practice meditation techniques.

After we do all that stuff, we'll bust out, go hang out and grab some coffee or food or something at some place nearby (probably Bouldin).

COME AS YOU ARE - NO MEDITATION EXPERIENCE NECESSARY -- only curiosity and a desire to connect.