Yaoi Butterfly Host Club

Welcome everyone to the Yaoi Butterfly Host Club. We hope you enjoy your time spent here and will come back again and again. To avoid this club from being shut down we have rules that everyone must follow.

1.) No nude pics of any kind. All character pics must be at least half way covered.
2.) No pics of characters under the age of 18 nor characters under the age of 18.
3.) Sex based rp's must be done in private chat. (Pm)
4.) All hosts must be active. Atleast one post per day.
5.) Literate rp only. No text talk and no one liners.
6.) If you wish to be a host then you need to speak with an admin.Only those approved by an admin may be a host.
7.) Please keep your outside relationships and personal life separate from your business life here at the club. We don't want any unnecessary drama.
8.) If you have any issues at all please see an admin (Listed Below) and one of us will gladly help you.

Breaking any rules will result in automatic removal from the club. No excuses no exceptions.

Your Yaoi Butterfly Host Club admins are:
Aiden YuKisa - Manager/Head Admin
Yoite YuKisa - Co-Admin
Zen YuKisa - Co-Admin