Yarn Addicts Lotto

Hello and welcome to our fellow Yarn Addicts! We are a NEW group full of fun and adventure for the yarn addict at heart! Our hope is that you will help us to create a place that celebrates our love of yarn. We have a couple different posts for you to share stories about yourself, where you're from, pictures of some of your masterpieces and, of course, one for any questions you may have for us, the administrators.

This is a place where you can come in and share and get the chance to win big trunk filled of packages of yarn from around the world!!
We are a loving ,caring,helpful group who support each others need of knowledge and organization!

We do ask that you keep your posts and stories positive in nature. There is enough negativity and drama going on in our physical world dragging us down. Let it stay there. If we find that you are engaging in drama, bullying, or trash talking, you will be removed from the group and the lotto event.

We are drama free and ready for you if your willing to take on this mission to happiness!!