Yoga Studio Owners

This is a closed group for retail yoga studio owners. In order to join you must be an owner of a retail space whose primary service is yoga classes. This group is not intended for the managers or staff of such studios, nor is it for fitness studios who primarily teach things other than yoga.

This group is absolutely closed to solicitation and marketing of services.

This is a closed group you must be invited or request to join and the content is not visible to those outside the group. Once you are in the group please use the INVITE FRIENDS option to add your Yoga Studio Owner friends into our community.

This group was started so that Yoga Studio Owners could connect with each other on a OPEN forum. Use this group to start a discussion, ask a question that only other Yoga Studio Owners could answer and support you. Please use this group to help advance your relationships with Yoga Studio Owners from around the world.

This group was not created for Self Promotion of Your Studio, Fan Page, Website, Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats, Ask for LIKES on your FB Page, Post Yoga Pictures, Quote of the Day, Local Events, Personal Blogs, Articles, Personal Videos, Product Sales, Merchandise Sales, MLM Opportunities and Local Workshops. This group is full of Yoga Studio Owners from all over the World that are not in your demographic area. Your marketing efforts of your local studio events would be wasted on a group with a world audience.

Any of the above as well as any posts the admins of the group deem to be Soliciting will be deleted and you will be removed from the group.

Do something • Learn something • Share something • Change something • Enjoy Yoga • Join the movement

Nathan Bangs
Founder of Rasa-Lila Fest