Yoga Teachers

This is a Closed Group for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Teacher Trainees ONLY. You must be a Yoga Teacher or in a YTT to be in this group, closed to solicitation and marketing of services, self promotion, blogs, websites, LIKE Pages, Articles, Business Opportunities and anything that is trying to market and solicit to the group.

This group was started so that Yoga Teachers could connect with each other on an OPEN forum. Use this group to start a discussion, facilitate a conversation, or ask a question so that other yoga teachers can answer and support you. Please use this group to help advance your relationships with Yoga Teachers from around the world.

In order to preserve the high degree of teacher engagement in this group, we have a few simple rules that we ask you follow.

1) Self Promotion, Blogs, Websites, LIKE Pages, Articles, Business Opportunities and Soliciting Posts are not to permitted anywhere in the group. While you may feel that your particular contribution is relevant to the topic at hand, we are only able to maintain the standards of the group by enforcing a strict zero-tolerance policy.

2) Be respectful and polite towards each other. As we approach having 10,000 members in this group there are going to be just as many opinions about any given topic. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the group.

3) Be kind to the admin. Monitoring a group of this size is a thankless and time-consuming job. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator please speak to them with respect and understanding. If you have concerns about anything posted in the group please feel free to contact the administrators.

4) Add to the discussion. “blog dumping”, the practice of posting stand-alone links to articles or pages, does little to contribute to the discussion among yoga teachers. Instead add your own comments to the link you post. Tell us why you agree or disagree with the article. Share your opinion and you will be far more likely to spark a conversation.

Violation of any of these rules may result in post/comment deletion, removal from the group or outright banning at the discretion of the admin.

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Nathan Bangs
Rasa-Lila Fest + Yoga Tampa Bay's Founder & Group Admin