In The Company of Wise, Gutsy Women: A Monthly Women's Practice Group

For years, this women's circle has provided a safe place where each person can begin knowing her true nature in ALL who she is. In this time of excessive work demands, financial pressures and feelings of separation from the Feminine, women need a place to BE and BECOME.

One Saturday evening per month, within a 4-month series, fourteen women come to the healing sanctuary of Marti's home studio where there is nothing to prove, a place where life is quieter and privacy is honored, a place where each woman will practice listening to herself and others intently.
Each gathering opens with a group check-in, continues with a somatic movement practice, unfolds within the theme of the evening, communes with a nutritious meal and completes with a closing ritual. Witness the exceptional women who are called to bring this practice into their lives. In a culture of sexually objectifying images, cell phone business meetings and diminished intimate friendships, sitting face to face in this attentive environment has profound impact. Isolation melts away into community and safety.

Come share your wisdom, inspiration and unique outlook on life with women who know how to be present with each other. The speaking, the listening, the ritual, and the intimate relationships combine to create an alchemical reaction that transforms and purifies each individual. The circle, the lives of the women in the circle, and our contributions to the world are altered for the betterment of all!

Four Keys of Understanding For "The Circle":
* You have made a commitment to take responsibility for your own spiritual development.
* You understand the immense value of creating a support circle in your life.
* You are ready to unveil your purpose in the world and embody your true presence.
* Silence is the hallmark of truly listening to Self. Revel in moments of quiet to balance the verbal wisdom.