Yoga Teachers UK

A forum for all yoga teachers to chat, share ideas, advertise their courses (please see below), look for spaces to teach etc. Please feel free to post your thoughts/ requests for ideas etc and Please add your Yoga teacher friends!

The only posts excepted now are
Questions about yoga, ideas, looking for spaces to teach etc
A retreat / course must be in the UK. It must have the sole purpose of offering genuine continuing professional development (CPD) to already qualified yoga teachers or trainee teachers.

For example:
- a vipashana meditation retreat;
- a philosophy retreat;
- a long term course providing a guided introduction to a specific style of yoga, e.g. Astanga Primary Series, or Sivanada Yoga or teacher training;
- a day course such Appointed Person's First Aid, or Advanced A&P.

Please do not post
- holidays with an optional element of yoga that deliberately leave the day free for shopping or the beach;
- everyday yoga classes;
- self-promotion, e.g. FB 'Likes' and links to Website 'blogs';
- non-yoga postings, e.g. zumba, fitness, pilates.
Please keep within these guidelines or your posts will be deleted and you will possibly be removed from the group
Thank you