York Uni Swap Shop

Welcome to the University of York Swap Shop.

We are:
- A place to sell/swap/haggle/share/lend unwanted things and find them a better home. Feel free to post books, CDs, clothes or anything you want to sell on here.
- A place to find cheap, second hand bargains from people in York and the surrounding area

We are not:
- A billboard for general ads for businesses, charities, get rich quick schemes, etc. If your post is not a personal ad, please don't put it here. There are more appropriate groups out there for that.
- A job agency or vacancies board. Again, there are far better places to advertise for jobs than on here.
- Based in Canada. Sorry guys at York University Toronto, you won't find much luck here.

SELLERS: If you have anything to sell, please feel free to post them on here. Pictures are encouraged but not required. Please give as detailed a description as you can, and an idea of how much you're willing to sell for. Once you've sold it, please don't forget to mark it "SOLD" in the comments or delete your post. It's up to you and any interested buyers to find a convenient time to exchange. Only one post per item or group of items please. If you make another with pictures or something please delete the original. Similarly, please don't comment or "Like" your post just to bump it to the top to make it more visible.

BUYERS: If you see something you like, simply post a comment on the item and let the seller know! You and the seller can then arrange a suitable time to exchange items and payment.

Don't forget to check the "Other" section of your messages inbox. Most private messages from group members will end up there.

If you see a post that shouldn't be here, please use the built-in "Report to Admins" function from the drop-down menu at the top right hand corner of the post and we will take a look.

Other Rules:
1. No links to external shopping websites, other Facebook groups, or online offers please. We will allow Ebay/Gumtree links to your item if you're selling on there, or links to reputable websites containing specifications of your item if you wish to include them.

2. No age restricted products (e.g. alcohol, tobacco) or adult services please.

3. No illegal items or services, or anything that constitutes or promotes academic misconduct, e.g. essay writing services.


Basically, don't be stupid.

If you have any questions, queries, kitty pics, etc. please contact the group admins before posting. We'll be happy to advise you with any queries.


Any stuff you can't shift can be taken to Vanbrugh porters (or left on chairs outside Vanbrugh room V/110) in a bag/box marked 'For Oxfam' and they'll take it to Oxfam for you. Alternatively try http://www.recycle.co.uk/ or Freecycle.

This group is run and moderated entirely by volunteers and is not affiliated with the University of York or YUSU. For any official enquiries, please contact the university.