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1 - Personal insults of other members will not be tolerated. If you wish for other people to respect your points of view, then you must also respect theirs. Remember, we sometimes debate/discuss issues here, not individuals. If you cannot present your position on an issue without resorting to insults, then there's a good chance that your position is not very strong to begin with. Name calling and personal attacks will not be tolerated! You may find yourself blocked from the group if you can't play nice with others.

2 - Keep foul language to a minimum. This forum is open to all ages, and while swearing sometimes helps to get a point across, posts laden with curse words will be edited and possibly deleted so that they remain suitable for younger members to read.

3 - Stick to the subject.This is not a general chat group for just any topic! We are not discussing Russia or Justin Bieber here. We are talking about local news, events, memories and stuff like that. Threads are periodically pruned to eliminate "spam." If your post does not contribute to the topic in any way, it will be deleted. If you wish to carry on a friendly conversation with another member, please do so using Private Messages. Let's keep this group to local topics only! Posts promoting businesses or selling stuff will also be removed by our Administrators! You may post a link to another site that addresses the thread topic, but any link that has nothing to do with said topic will be removed.

4- Duplicate posts will be removed. It's always better to reply to an existing topic if it already exists. This way people that already participated in the conversation will be notified of your new content that is related to the topic. The thread will automatically bump to the top of the page and it will show up in the news feed.

5- Do not post pornography or any other kind of graphic imagery.Your post will be removed, you will be banned from the group and reported to Facebook.

6- Take advantage of this group! This group provides an excellent place to share local information by bringing local residents, former residents and visitors together.