YouTube Gamers

We're a group of people who all like gaming and YouTube.
We're a community meaning we don't just post our YouTube videos on here.
You talk to one another, treat each other as friends with respect.

Read the rules at the bottom or get yourself banned.
Have any problems?
The admins of the page are:
Jess King (RageDarling)
Liam Jones (iTehquo)
Will Tre Campbell (Willdoesgaming).
If you see a post that is breaking the rules tag us.

Our Minecraft Server is moving!
The ORIGINAL world is moving to Minecraft Realms so if you want to connect to the server, you need to ask for an invite. is now a modded survival - Direwolf20 Version 1.0.1 Feed The Beast!
If you're new and want to join in go to the "Files" tab and click "Minecraft Usernames" and comment your username.


Spamming - You're limited to one promotion video a day.

Promoting - You can't advertise yourself on other people's posts, unless they specifically ask for your channel.

Selling - You can't advertise a company/network.

Contribution - If your name only appears when you're promoting yourself, I'll remove you.

Description - You must post a link with a description that's not generic.

Posting - You can only post gaming related things.

English - This is an English speaking group.

If you break the rules, you obviously haven't read them so we'll remind you and then ban you if you do it again.

(I feel myself getting meaner and meaner each time I update this)

- Jess.