YouTube Mommy Meetup

There is a huge community of moms (and dads) on YouTube. This group was created to help them connect, collaborate and meet via bi-weekly LIVE stream "Hangouts on Air" on the MommyMEETup Channel on YouTube. It is a place for YouTubers, by YouTubers.

In order to be added to this group, you must be connected to an existing member in some way.

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YTMM (YouTube Mommy Meetup) is a YouTube Group, for content creators who post family oriented videos. Relationship building is encouraged -- however, please keep the group rules in mind when posting here.

1) Keep it YouTube. (Related posting only)
2) Keep it Kind. (No bullying or rants)
3) Keep in Service to Others. (No spam)
4) Keep YTMM Community in Mind. (Refrain from excessive "I" postings)
5) Keep it Gossip Free (YTMM is not a Fan Page)

Please keep all posts relevant. For example, channel building discussions, video creator tips, camera recommendations, video topic suggestions, technical YouTube tips and/or questions. Please refrain from posting personal video or channel links (unless they are within the comments of a relevant post). There is a pinned post at the top for new members to place their channel link, and a weekly LINK LOVE post to share your most recent video links.

Calls for COLLAB volunteers is encouraged, however channel linking should be done within the comments of those posts. Please refrain from linking collab videos that were organized within other groups, as it minimizes the sense of community we have established within YTMM.

Additionally, this is a bully-FREE group, with a zero tolerance for gossip. We are all here to support each other in a loving manner. Negative, self promotional or unrelated posts will be removed, and repeat offenders blocked and banned. If you ban an admin, that is also grounds for removal.

"I" Posts: "I have a giveaway", "I have a video uploading." These are serving you, and not the group. If you ask a question then that serves everyone. "I" statements only serve you and your fans. The expectation is that your fans should be interacting with you in that way on your personal fan pages. Not in YTMM.

Posting about other YouTubers is disallowed, unless you are directing a comment or question directly to a group member. YTMM is not a Fan Group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for joining us here!
Dana "MsDiaperD"