YouTube NZ

A group so that youtubers all over New Zealand can communicate with as many other youtubers as possible, whether it be asking for advice, sharing your videos seeing if anybody wants to make content together, or organising gatherings!

Some Quick Rules -

1 - Posting
This page is not for self promotion. By all means introduce yourself to us and feel free to show off the odd video, but limit your promotion. You'll find more people will engage with your content directly if you engage with them. (Seriously, it's science)

2 - Bullying
Bullying and/or excessive trolling will result in your removal from this page.
No Exceptions.

3 - Competitions
No 'vote for my video' posts.

4 - Discussions
This forum is for meant open discussion, please remain civil and respectful even if you don't agree. We don't expect you to be best friends but we do expect you to at least listen to other's opinions.

5 - Concerns.
If you have a concern with another creator or topic on this page then feel free to approach any of the admins, we're more or less 24/7

Andrew Strugnell
Felix Griffin
Jody Bell
Matt Bateman

Thanks amigos. Keep making cool stuff.