In an attempt to understand the Quran message one must take cognizance of the following.
The law of interpretation the guidance is given in 3:7:
The following terms will be analyse:
Muhkamat - absolutely clear, lucid and decisive.
Mutashabihat - co -similar / resembling hence the analogy 'allegorical '
Maya lamu - none can exhaust its.
To evaluate the Mutashabihat verses the Muhkamat verses need to be use to derive at its true meaning. See https://www.facebook.com/download/1484527368434903/Chapter%203%20v%207-%20%28SUMMARY%29%20THE%20DIVINE%20LAWS%20FOR%20THE%20INTERPRETATION%20OF%20THE%20ARABIC%20GLORIOUS%20QURAN.pdf

To obtain an overall good understanding of the Quran, knowledge of Quranic linguistic will make to study the Quran easier and better to use the lexicons and Arabic dictionaries.
Anyone reading the Quran with an orthodox or baised perception won't understand the message clearly nor citing it with hadith base view.
Main objectives:
1. To analyse the Quran, study.
2.Establish and implement salaat.
Any subject matter presented the person may elaborate and all information will be verified in light of the Quran.