Youngstown Area Facebook Flea Market: Wanted, For Sale, or Free

If you need to get rid of items here is your chance! Anyone that wants to get rid of household items,cars for sale,post yard sales However No rifles or pistols may be sold on this site only air soft guns due to the safety of others if you find that you cant abide by the rules please feel free to remove yourself remember you asked to be added i didnt add you! Thanks in advance

DISCLAIMER: Youngstown Area Facebook Wanted,For sale or Free, makes best efforts to ensure Information held here is current, correct and accurate. However, no responsibility is accepted for any omissions, errors or misleading statements. It is the responsibility of the buyer/seller to ensure the accuracy of all and any prices, photos, specifications or other claims made herein. We are not responsible for lost,stolen items thats strictly between the buy and seller. Meeting to pick up items are at your own discrection