Yucaipa/Calimesa Neighborhood Watch


The purpose of this site is to keep the family and communities of Yucaipa/Calimesa informed about: crime related issues; current crime trends; and ensuring the overall safety of our community.

By reporting information and networking with each other we may be better informed about the safety of our neighborhoods.
We advocate swift and immediate reporting of any and ALL crime to the:

EMERGENCY / immediate attention call 911 or

Yucaipa Police and Sheriff Station - (909) 918-2305

Should you desire an actual Neighborhood Watch Program in your community, contact: Sheriff Service Specialist, Sherrie O’Connell
(909) 918-2344

Overview: This is the Facebook page for Yucaipa / Calimesa Neighborhood Watch. We are dedicated to and created this for the citizens of Yucaipa, California.

This page was created to provide people who live and work in the City of Yucaipa, with an interest in the safety and well being of Yucaipa and its community. This page is monitored and managed by a group of like minded and informed citizens, who work and or live in the City of Yucaipa. We are not affiliated with the Yucaipa Police and Sheriff Station.

Before posting, please review these terms:
A posting on this page constitutes acceptance of these terms.
• Do not use this page to report a crime. To report a crime or provide information related to a crime (suspects involved, location, evidence, etc.), you may call the dispatch number at (909) 387-8313. For non-emergencies call the Station at (909) 918-2305. For emergencies, always dial 911.

• If you post information related to an unreported crime on this page, you may be placing yourself in the position of becoming a witness to a crime and subject yourself to subpoena.

• The Administration reserves the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate material as determined by the Administration of the Yucaipa/Calimesa Facebook Page.

The Administrators of this site welcome a person’s right to express his/her opinion related to neighborhood watch issues and encourages posters to keep comments related to said content on this page, however, the Administrators reserve the right to remove any comments that are deemed inappropriate or offensive, including comments that:
1. Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the legal rights of others,
2. Include racism, hatred, slander, threats, obscenity, violence and/or vulgarity,
3. Spam or advertisements,
4. Have personal information about another person, their property, or that violates a person’s privacy,
5. Include copyrighted material that belongs to another person,
6. Contain links to inappropriate websites.

DISCLAIMER: The comments, information, and opinions posted by the members of the Yucaipa / Calimesa Neighborhood Watch group do not reflect the views of the Administrators and are the sole responsibility of those who post the Content.

Est. Dec. 1, 2013