Zizek Studies

Welcome! This is the Facebook group started by the online journal ‘International Journal of Žižek Studies’, dedicated to discussing the work of Slavoj Žižek and his silent and not-so-silent partners.
Currently the group now numbers over 16000 members and is growing steadily every day, resulting in a significant increase in the volume of readers and posts. Given Žižek’s range and eclecticism, members are invited to create a philosophically and theoretically lively environment for civil, collegial discussion and engagement with Žižek’s work and concerns.
Please have in mind that this is a shared, self-regulated, public space and keep your posts relevant to the group’s purpose. Please refrain from posting on topics that are not relevant to Žižek Studies. Posts are subject to Administration approval. Unrelated posts, spam, or posts that are offensive or aggressive are subject to deletion.


General Editor:
Paul A. Taylor, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Managing Editor:
David J. Gunkel, Northern Illinois University, United States

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