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About regulation...s 'n all, we should reconsider every authority and accept the simple truth. There is no spoon.. Decriminalize Humanity..!!!

This group is for everyone who loves life <3
we share info's, pictures, music ♪♫ ॐ , news ,articles ✎ bloggs, stories. ✍ other theme related groups and pages...(◔◡◔)

We'd appreciate it if you would, once in a while, before adding a post, add a couple of your friends to our group...

We got only a couple of rules to keep it real and save, breaking the rules means you get kicked out of the group. ⎝⋋⏝⋌⎠

✔ No ads or spam.
✔ No offering or asking for oil or medicinal cannabis or drugs.
✔ No trolling

Have fun <3

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