AbC oF eNgLish & ReaSonIng... :)

Lets Start Our ABC of English & Reasoning :) I hope You all will Enjoy this Group.... Welcome All :) Join n Suggest ur Friends.
You are here to learn and to make learn.

>> Don't force anyone to send any friend request and dont try to misbehave with any one specialy girls.
>> If u don't follow the group rules, you will be removed or banned.
Group rules n This is not allowed. . .
>> Miss behave any person (mostly girls)
>> Chat is not allowed
>> Promoting pages and any types of advertise is not allowed.
>> Unwanted Post are will be banned
>> No discussion to any political leader or party.

Violation of these rules results in ban or removal or blocking of the member. so be careful.

Group Code - 580599611997078