Aberdeen Anime Society

Welcome to the University of Aberdeen Anime and Manga Society! We are a group of people who come together twice a week to spend time socializing, discussing and comparing different animes and mangas. Although we try not to watch any overplayed animes, we watch anime from almost every genre, from anime about telephone pole romance to Dracula: The Anime. On Tuesdays, we watch what ever takes our fancy, from one off videos, to movies, to a few memorable episodes from an anime. On Fridays, we watch some episodes from series that are voted for at the start of each semester, along with a couple of other episodes! If any of this takes your fancy, we would love to see you come along!

The Anime Society

Tuesdays 18.00-22.00, New Kings 14
Fridays 18.00-22.00, MacRobert Building - Room 252